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Arden Enterprise Guns

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Arden Enterprise Guns

We are more than just an online gun retailer,
Distributer Inventory Search

We have local inventory ready for review, purchase and shipping. However, sometimes a customer has a special gun in mind that we don’t have in stock.

We can connect you with our distributers full inventory. There you can find your special purchase, place a small deposit and have the gun delivered. We will complete the sale and transfer at our location or with your FFL of choice.

Don’t buy if you are ineligible. There is a 20% restocking fee plus expenses for purchases not completed.

Firearm Transfers

Effective Law Changes 01/01/2024

1- WSP Fee on all background checks

2- 10 business day hold on all firearms

3- Required proof of safety training

Gun sales all require a structured transfer. This is done from one federal firearm license holder to another. The FFL, federal firearm license holder, can be a retailer or simply someone who facilitates gun transfers.

FFL providers ensure that all parties comply with ATF requirements and local or state laws governing gun sales. We provide services to both retailers and gun buyers.

NFA Suppressor Sales

Not everyone wants to hear a gun go boom. Suppressors are not only legal in Washington state, but they also reduce noise pollution and decrease the risk of hearing damage when used appropriately.

Suppressor sales are highly regulated, will require an extensive background check, including fingerprints, a passport photo and an ATF Form submission.

All suppressor sales also require a $200 tax stamp at the time of application.

Hours of operatioN

Monday – Friday 5 – 7pm

Saturday & Sunday 11am – 5pm

Closed on national holidays

Other times available by appointment


Please inspect your gun at the time of transfer. All new and used guns are sold “AS IS” and NO returns are accepted. We visually inspect every gun we sell but never test fire.

The manufacturer will handle any quality or workmanship concerns after new gun sales.

Davidson’s, our primary wholesaler, does provide a lifetime warranty on all of their guns. We will gladly help you get warranty service for any guns we sell.


In person payment is straight forward. We accept cash, checks, USPS money orders, cashiers checks, debit and credit cards. There is NO credit card surcharge for purchases from our web site.

Remote sales are just as easy. We can ONLY ship a gun to another FFL to manage the remote transfer. We cannot ship until payment clears our financial institution. We must charge sales tax on all sales within Washington State.


Your privacy is important. All of your payment information is encrypted and NO personal information is retained except that required to complete the gun sale and comply with federal ATF regulations.

We cannot release a gun until the background check is complete. Know in advance if you are eligible to own the gun you are buying. We try to stay current with state and local gun laws. However, we do not take responsibility for any failed transfers.


Shipping may be USPS, UPS or FedEx. We ship throughout the continental US at flat rates. Handguns ship for $35.95 including insurance coverage up to $1,000.

Long guns ship for $59.95 including insurance coverage up to $1,500. We can ship to Alaska and Hawaii, with an additional fee. We are also registered to deliver to California buyers (CFLC).

There is a 20% plus expenses restocking fee for purchases not completed. This includes if you fail your background check. Don’t buy if you are ineligible to own a firearm.